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TeacherPage was introduced online in May of 2002.  Our mission when we started is the same mission that exists today.  To provide teachers quality educational services via the internet at a development standards that exceeds expectations.  Simply put, we appreciate the service that teachers provide and TeacherPage is our method to show our appreciation.

Many people have inquired if we are publicly or privately owned, and how do we receive our funding since we provide free services?  We are privately owned and consist of a small group of IT and educational professionals who design web-based systems for school districts.  We are privately funded, however we are working on state grants to expand our work to school districts nation wide.  Our work is primarily in the area of early childhood development and special education.  It is our vision to eventually include this work in TeacherPage.

Our site has grown from the early days of receiving a few hits to receiving tens of thousands of hits per day.  We are consistently seeing an increase in traffic, and more importantly, in the number of websites created.

We thank you for your continued support.
   •  David Meyers, President
   •  Brandon Charles, Vice President
   •  Stephanie Ann, Communications Director
   •  Debbie Meyers, Office Manager
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